Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness...Is it Almost April?

Tonight I sit in pain. Yesterday I had surgery to remove 2 wisdom teeth. Thank god for Vicodin. Its the only thing getting me through.

See, I was suppose to have the surgery 2 weeks ago. But the night before I developed a cold, and when I arrived the surgeon wouldn't operate on me.

Problem with all of this: its March in North Carolina. NCAA basketball. So that Eric wouldn't have to take yet another day off in March, I thought it would be fine to have my surgery the morning of day 2 of the tournament. Yes, we host this event. Yes, that means up to 20 people for 4 days in a row at our house from noon until midnight. I don't know what I was thinking.

On the bridal front I do have a few small developments

1. Ran into a friend-of-a-friend at Target this week. Told her about our Justice of the Peace plans. She told me that is what her and her husband did. And (here is the good part) the city of Raleigh has many locations that they will marry you at....not just some cold-courtroom-like-room. They choose the NC State Rose Garden on a Saturday afternoon. And it doesn't cost anything more than if we did just want the court house.

2. My Target wedding dress came. Wow - its gorge. Tried to take a picture of it (while wearing it) but I just couldn't get a good shot. I'm still watching a few J Crew dresses. I read somewhere online their wedding dresses go on clearance each Spring, when they release a new collection. So I'll keep watching.

3. My NC girls want to do my bachlorette party in NYC...which is so exciting. Not only because NYC is always a blast, but my NJ girls won't have to fly here.

Next weekend I will be traveling to NJ for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I will also get to discuss with her and my brother possible dates for our wedding ceremony. Since we plan to do this on a Friday, which means they will have to take time off of work, we want things to be as easy as possible for them. SO hopefully in the next few weeks we will have an actual date.


  1. Awe! Hope you feel better from having your wisdom teeth out. I need to get that done but have been to scared so I keep putting it off since they don't bother me!

    And that is awesome news about the Justice of the Peace and locations! Can't wait to hear what location you choose.

  2. Oh dear!!! So sorry you're feeling bad :(--- wisdom teeth SUCK!! (Well, when they are removed anyways).
    You can make it!!

    NYC sounds like SO much fun for a Bach. party!! :D