Monday, March 30, 2009

We Have a Date

After almost 3 months of not traveling I somehow ended up with 2 back to back trips. I was in NJ for my SIL's baby shower over the weekend, got home Sunday night, and 12 hours later back in the air to travel to Atlanta for a 3 days business trip. I'd complain, but its sort of nice to be out of the house and back on the road again.

We have a date! Friday April 9, 2010, HMMM 4/9/10...first time I am seeing that in writing.

My SIL is a teacher and that is her spring break next it works well for them to come Wednesday or Thursday prior to help out with last minute stuff.

We have began planning our honeymoon and we get so excited everytime we talk about it. We are planning on flying to Seattle and driving the West Coast...ending up in Vegas. We hope to spend time in Seattle, Portland, Sonoma, San Fran, Monterey, Santa Barbara, LA, San Diego, Laguna, and Las Vegas.

We want to go to baseball games, eat at resturants we see on the Food Network, hear local live music, and see beautiful sites. We've done the resort beach thing a ton of times, and although we love that, we wanted to do something different for our honeymoon. I think this will not only force us to spend quality time togther but we will create great memories for many years to come. we have a plan, and date, a up: Photog and Catering.

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